We have removed the surgery videos from this page because the gruesome content was offensive to some people. The story speaks for itself.

This transplant was not treated as a serious operation. It was a circus side show. All of the medical procedures needed to remove the kidney safely and to transplant it were done negligently, incorrectly and in a big hurry to get the show on the road. Slow precise care is needed for this operation, and it was completely lacking on the part of these two doctors and their assistants.
In the first clip, Goldfarb and Kaouk introduced themselves and Joe and Chris. Kaouk removes the kidney with his hand instead of with a silk bag and is not paying any attention when his assistants are continuing the operation on Chris. Goldfarb then makes a joke announcing that the kidney is a girl  after it is removed from the donor. Kaouk is seen with Chris's blood on the arms of his scrubs from ripping the kidney out by hand to show off for the crowd, and telling how quickly a donor recovers with low risk of infection. Chris would later have a staph infection and be ripped up inside from the rough fabric of his scrubs and the way the kidney was removed.

In the second and third clips the kidney is constantly bleeding when it is inside of Joe; the assistant doctor is half asleep and not paying any attention or giving any assistance. The biopsy was not taken of Chris's kidney which is against the law and dangerous to Joe because it needs to be checked for disease before transplanting it, but Goldfarb is not concerned "since this is television", and it can be edited out of the movie.

Toward the end, Goldfarb is getting more and more in a hurry to get out of there and is putting in too big of a suture connecting the kidney to the bladder. And since the kidney at that point had no chance of living anyway with everything they did to it, they just wanted to put it in and get the hell out of there. If these are the type of doctors you want to operate on you or the institution you would go to that would cover something like this up, then God be with you.

The interviews in the last video were done a week prior to the surgery. We were warned beforehand not to say anything bad about the clinic in these interviews or the surgery would not happen. So although we had previous problems with the clinic, we all remained silent for the sake of Chris and Joe. These interviews were done for publicity for the clinic. It was disgusting the way they used the picture of my father before he died with my sisters and I. They said the clinic would help us with genetic research to find out why we have kidney disease in our family, but they never did. We never heard another word about it.

They exploited our anguish over our son and our family history for publicity for their hospital. Then they ripped out my sister's kidney, put it in my son dead, then took it back out and threw it in the trash. A God given organ that Chris offered to our son out of the goodness of her heart. Then they covered it up and, closed ranks and threw them to the side to DIE.

Cosgrove is always available for interviews when it furthers his own cause for money and publicity. Otherwise, he is not avaliable for comment when it comes to the hell that goes on in his hospital. He has stated in an interview that his doctors are reviewed every year for performance. This must be his idea of good proformance for doctors, because they are both still there. Obviously the Board of Govenors and Trustees do not care what goes on there either. The board of govenors is made up of Cleveland Clinic doctors, so you see how effective they are in solving hospital problems.

How many lives is Cosgrove, their ceo willing to sacrifice for his name and his picture on a plaque in the hallway? Because in the end that's all it comes down to!